Guidelines & Eligibility

Good Vocabulary

Cohesive Thoughts

Correct Grammar

Everything You Need To Know

1. Open to ALL children aged 7 to 12.

2. Submissions must be in English. 

3. Story should be submitted to or to Whatsapp number 0501450286

4. Upon receipt of entry, each child will be contacted and given a Unique Identification Number (UIN).

5.  All details including;
     -  Contestant's Name
     -  Parent/Guardian's Name
     -  Age of Contestant
     -  School of Contestant
     -  Two (2) active phone numbers
     -  Email address
should be provided in the body of the email while story is attached in a word document if sending by mail, otherwise send requested details separately via Whatsapp number 0501450286 after story has been sent.

6.  Word length must be between 150 to 250 words (approximately a page of an A4 sized paper if it is 250 words long).

7. Stories MUST (be/have):
   a) Cohesive in thoughts
   b) Correct grammar and tenses
   c) Good narration and description
   d) Very good Vocabulary
   e) Be original and creative
   f) Overall body and presentation must be up to standard.

8. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and mechanisms have been put in place to check plagiarism. Any submissions which are found in breach of this prohibition will be disqualified.

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