This is the Place to be

It’s amazing how time flies and I can’t believe that over two decades ago, I was also a child; full of dreams and aspirations but without a care in the world. At that point in my life, I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could also enjoy the luxuries my older siblings enjoyed. Most times, I struggled with my senior brother over gifts since we had the same preference. At that young age, I decided to
fight for my spot and be at par with my siblings.

I was full of ambition and was always finding new ways to do things in my community (school, home, church). Over the years, I am proud of my journey so far though it has not been easy.

The birth of TheKidz Magazine was as a result of spending time and interacting with children most especially my nieces and nephews. While working on the Evangel Magazine one hot afternoon, Elinam my niece quizzed, “Uncle, Why don't we have a magazine for Kids?” I responded to her smiling, “I will create a Kids’ Magazine for you!” It is in this light, the idea of
a kids’ magazine was birthed.

These youngsters have opened me up to a lot of lessons. I have marvelled at their ingenuity and the kind of conversations they are able to hold with adults about economic policy reforms, technology and how it’s evolving among others.

It is important that children are given the necessary platforms and exposure to attain great heights in different fields. While I was growing up, society forced us to conform to certain status quos of pursuing ‘elite white-collar jobs’ while relegating the creative arts among others which was mostly pursued by people deemed to be less intelligent; which was a wrong notion. It is evident that trends and times have changed in this digital and technological era. The creative arts
are equally regarded as well as white-collar jobs.

As custodians of the next generation, it is essential that we empower children to believe in themselves and let them know that their dreams are valid and they can be anything they want to be so far as they set their minds to it.

- Publisher & Editor-In-Chief, Solomon Sedinam Agbemenya

TheKidz Magazine focuses on content for children between the ages of 2 to 14 years and covers a wide range of topics both home grown and beyond.


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